OOH Marketing Consultation

Because we strive to make your outdoor campaign impactful, Range Media Service team provides you a Free consultancy with the best high-traffic sites - Most visible and prime locations - Easily assist you with the availability of the locations you desire. - The suitable sizes for your entire outdoor campaign.  Follow us on LinkedIn:

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Exclusively in Range Media Service, we have our specialized team that offers a Time-Lapse service around Cairo to ensure the rate of traffic on your outdoor campaign.


Day and Night Monitoring: We monitor our time-lapse per day and night 3 days a week to check on the visibility and clarity of the campaigns during night time.

Whether you are our client or not, we can still provide you a weekly time-lapse monitoring for your outdoor campaigns.


5 meters High Quality machines: We help our clients with printing their artwork using high quality 5 meters machines that will prevent any kind of distortion on the design during the printing process, and this is to ensure that your billboard comes out in its best shape & quality.

Double Side Printing:  We also use “double side’” for printing because it prints with full high quality when it comes to the color & clarity of the design & this makes the billboard appear bright & clear during both day & night.

Affordable Printing Prices: We put our client’s budget into consideration, and this is why we offer reasonable printing prices.


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